Featured on the June 20, 2019 broadcast of “Baton Rouge Locals Only” radio show.
Thank you Cindy Wonderful for the air time. ETERNAL HUGS!
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You can find/purchase my music at CDBaby.com and iTunes for purchase/download.
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The Volos Project - Compositions Of Ben Balser
The Volos Project is a publishing experiment of my own compositions referred to as The Volos Project, after the Slavic God Volos or Veles.
There are three basic genres: hard rock, singer/songwriter, ambient.

If you like my music then purchasing it will help me continue to create more.
Spread it to your family and friends who may enjoy it. When you do listen to it,
I sincerely thank you for taking the time to do so.
Be well, peace, shine on.

More information about me professionally available at