Featured on the June 20, 2019 broadcast of “Baton Rouge Locals Only” radio show.
Thank you Cindy Wonderful for the air time. ETERNAL HUGS!
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The three albums planned at present are, in order of release:
Dragon Music, Cedar Music, Pulsar Music

Pre-Album Singles From “Dragon Music”
Now available:
Thunder Beings, One Cloudy Morning, Bounty Hunter, My Slice
Coming Soon:
Final Solutions, Catfish And Moonshine

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You can find/purchase my music at CDBaby.com and iTunes for purchase/download.

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The Volos Project - Compositions Of Ben Balser
The Volos Project is a publishing experiment of my own compositions. Under the umbrella of The Volos Project (names after the Slavic God Volos or Veles) are three base genres. The first three albums, one for each, will be titled Dragon Music (rock), Cedar Music (experimental singer/songwriter), and Pulsar Music (ambient electronic). The icon for each can be seen in the header of this web site.

The first to be published is Dragon Music. Several singles are being released, then the full album. Some of the pre-release singles may be changed slightly (or dramatically) for the album versions. Cedar Music will come next, followed by the Pulsar Music album.

I published once before in 2001 when mp3.com was brand new and full of independent amateur composers. That was so much fun, I made great friends, learned a lot. I actually sold over three dozen (it was a lot at the time for an amateur) CDs, mostly outside the U.S. It was my first experience meeting people and making friends in other countries via the Internet. Then the period of being home a lot (I was contracting work for a living, weeks between jobs) ended and I began working more 9-5 and didn’t have the time to do more. I may re-master those two CDs and re-release them some day, who knows, maybe I’ll re-record all of that material and release it, only time will tell.

Here we are 18 years later and with the persuasion of my opinionated wife, my musically inclined sons, a beautiful angelic sister, and a goofy co-worker, I am publishing again. What and how I write hasn’t really changed much, but my technical knowledge and abilities with the production process have. The tools available to me have evolved immensely and feel I am back in my element. Although the 9-5 day job and family life limit the time I have to compose and publish, I’m going at it when I have the time. My fantasy is to be able to take at least 3 months off of “work” and do nothing but compose, record and publish.

I dream music I’ve never heard before. I always have. Some of my compositions are from music I dreamt about. This all began when I wrote my first composition with a beginning, middle, end and a story line when I was about 5-7 years old on the upright piano we had in our house. I played it for my grandmother who responded enthusiastically and encouraged me to compose my own music from that day forward. Through my life as I learned more about music, instruments, discovered more genres, I never wanted to perform. I’ve always been content to work in my private studio creating the music I wanted to create, for me to listen to. When someone else hears something I recorded and likes it, I feel good, but that acceptance by others is not my motivation. I simply hear music in my head 24/7, and most of it is stuff my brain is making up constantly on its own. Biologically I am half Cherokee, then Slavic and English. Thus my Cherokee themed compositions and Slavic themed umbrella project. I absorb all influences, though, and incorporate it all as it expresses itself through me in my musical works.

Volos or Veles is an ancient Slavic god, patron of music and other things.
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If you like my music then purchasing it will help me continue to create more. Spread it to your family and friends who may enjoy it. When you do listen to it, I sincerely thank you for taking the time to do so. Be well, peace, shine on.

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